Package Deal contains 60 Mins Body Massage and 30 Mins Foot Massage, Original rate is $120, with current package price is $100 for 90 Mins.


Reflexology involves applying an optimum amount of massage pressure to the feet and other parts of the body like the hands and ears. The massage practice is based on the theory that these parts of the body are connected to certain organs, and therefore massaging these parts will send a soothing feeling to these organs and body systems. People who practice this massage technique are called reflexologists; they believe that this technique offers a range of health benefits that improve overall wellbeing.


Potential Benefits of Reflexology?

This massage technique is widely practiced and has been linked to many different benefits, including stress and anxiety relief, pain reduction, and improvement in general well-being. Although these benefits are not all scientifically proven, there no doubt that reflexology improves the quality of life, much like the conventional massage.


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